30th September 2018

Today I took mum out for some lovely pub grub to build her up after a few weeks of being ill. I cut the food up into easy to chew mouth full and preloaded the fork so that it was easy for her to get stuck in. I pretty much inhale my food so it is easy for me to take  the time to assist and is good motivation for mum not to dilly dally when sharing an apple pie with ice-cream =) . It was good to seem mum put away a decent amount.

12th September 2018

This is mum putting on a brave face as when I arrived at the care home today the Doctor was in mum’s room with her. She was discussing whether or not mum should be admitted into hospital with low oxygen levels due to a diagnosis of ‘Community Acquired Pneumonia’. Mum visibly brightened up as soon as I walked into the room and her anxiety lessened. Her temperature dropped three points, her heart rate and breathing calmed. I sat with her all afternoon and early evening comforting, holding hands, soothing and assisting with feeding and by the time I was due to catch my train back to London her temperature had gone down. She had brightened up no end and wanted to walk me to the door. I rang the care home for progress reports the following week and the Doctor rang me with updates.

30th August 2018

I took mum to the park where I managed to coax her into using her right hand and arm for the first time in four years to dunk ginger bread man biscuits into her tea and then lift them into her mouth. She struggled at first as the right hand had trouble finding the position of the mouth in correlation to her cheek but then she got the hang of it and was dunking all by herself. Just wonderful to see the progress! And so here is an inocouous photo of her with tea in one hand and a ginger biccy in the other, watching children playing in the distance which appears like it’s  a normal everyday occurrence but was actually a momentous milestone for her.