28th May 2018


Mum still appears to be declining her breakfast with random eating patterns and so it was a joy to see her eat so well this afternoon. I ordered the sea bass with green beans and new potatoes for her (as I’d seen her polish it off on a previous occasion) but when the food arrived she decided that she preferred my asparagus risotto instead, which I gladly swapped, pleased at her interest in food. She had no problems putting it away accompanied by ‘yum yum’ noises, with room to spare for a dessert of salted caramel profiteroles with ice cream to follow.  Afterwards her mood was greatly enhanced and we spent the afternoon saying hello to the animals in the menagerie in the afternoon sunshine. Due to track closures and train delays via Stafford and Nuneaton it was night fall by the time I arrived home lit with a dazzling full moon surrounded by a beautiful rainbow halo.