28th June 2017


Mums new shoes,

I’m still naively hoping that she will be be able to fit back into her old shoes, although its looking less and less likely now with each week that passes by, everyone seems to think that its “normal” for elderly women, except that it isn’t ‘normal’ for my mum, she had cellulitis once before and with the right antibiotics and rest, it completely disappeared, why cant this be the way forwards the second time around?

21st June 2016

Manage to get a smile despite swollen feet and legs up to the knees making it painful to walk and no suitable footwear which causes a few rather nasty falls. No sign of the antibiotics reducing the swelling yet. I request a change of antibiotics and order a pair of old lady shoes. Also request that staff prompt mum to rest with feet elevated but alas they say this is not possible to implement.