25th January 2017

A beautiful magical day out with my mum, her first daylight outing since November’s third stoke last year. Such wonderful progress! A blessed experience. Even the taxi driver who brought us back to the care home was an angel. Nothing but Love and Gratitude! ❤

Sunday 22nd January 2017


I spent my Saturday and Sunday sewing name labels into mum’s new PJ’s, vests and tops, unpacking the remaining boxes, sorting out her underwear, shoes, and clothes, hanging them up in the wardrobe and organising her drawers so that things are easy to find. We were due to go out to the MAC today but the right foot plate was missing from her wheelchair and couldn’t be found. I utilised our time together by sorting out mum’s room, making it cosy and sewing name labels into all her clothes. While I sewed we listened to music, sang along, drank tea, ate sandwiches and five hours simply flew by, before I knew it was time to catch the train back to London and had to rush to get it all done.