Saturday 24th December 2016

Mum’s first day in a new placement following a third serious stoke. I travel up to B’ham to settle her in. Mum has been reassessed by the Continuing Health Care team who say she is eligible for a nursing contribution but not CHC, and her old placement say that they would have her back if she was CHC but not nursing, I think due to risk of falls, amazingly a room becomes available where she was already second on the waiting list and their assessment is that they are able to support her needs.

Thank-you everyone for the vests and Pyjama’s. NB: If you send anything please remember to put her name inside EVERYTHING that you send, either sew it in, iron it in, use an indelible laundry marker, or it will be lost after the first time she wears it and it goes into the laundry. I am happy to sew in name labels if you send things to me first and I will take in to her. Feel free to send a card if you want her to know what’s from you. If she remembers you. Please do not take it personally if she doesn’t.

Best Wishes.